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Cardi B Baby Shower In NY and Bringing It To Atlanta

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Cardi B‘s daughter will be riding (and sleeping, and eating!) in style.

The pregnant rapper has added a bevy of expensive items to her baby registry, TMZ reports. One such product? A BEABA Babycook set, which retails for $150 on Another item she can use right away is the Moses bassinet the outlet reports as costing $2,799, with an $839 extra fee for gold-leaf covering.

But baby girl Bardi will have to wait a little while to take advantage of the battery-powered mini ride-on Bentley Bentayga, which sells a version of for $480.

Sources revealed to TMZ that Cardi B received the above items at her shower that took place in Atlanta over the weekend. The 25-year-old herself tweeted on Saturday, “Baby shower planning makes me not even wanna do a wedding 😩😩😩s— soo overwhelming 🙄🙄.”

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In a Wednesday tweet, she wrote, “I was planning to have 2 babyshowers …One in NY and one in Atl but my doctor told me i can’t fly nomore ☹️☹️now i have to fly 60 people to Atlanta😩I always bragged about having 2 big families until now 😩😩😩😩”

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