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Hip Hop Says F#$! Trump

This above post was shared by JadaKiss and TI.. In the light of the recent immigration debate.. Hip Hop has stood up for what they know to be right.. Separation of families makes no sense. How can a nation built on immigration (BECAUSE THERE WERE PEOPLE WHO WERE ALREADY HERE) deny anyone? Well Trump seems to not give a F$#! about that or even what his own party feels about the issue because the Republican party is even indifferent regarding this particular policy.

So Hip Hop has taken to IG to make there thoughts be known.. and its about time the community is standing up for what it used to stand for in the days of Public Enemy, Outkast, X Clan, and Afrika Bambaataa, who they just so happened to defame because of the world influence of the Mighty Zulu Nation, but I digress. It sounds like Hip Hop is back

Here's 50 Cent's Meme:

Matter of fact there was, as of December 27th 2017 according to a article, a whopping 32 songs dissing Trump:

You can check that article out here:

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