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Judge Genece Brinkley Denies Meek Mill’s Appeal For New Trial

Judge Genece Brinkley has done the unthinkable.. denying Meeks Appeal for a new trial even after his stellar performance highlighting many of the social illnesses that plague Africans in American especially that of Philadelphia. And in light of what just took place in the Supreme with the Ban on Islamic countries it seems like another blow for the Judicial system here in the United States. Why Stay Woke? Because what Meek is doing will later have an effect on you and your children.. especially if they have features that of Africans. The information came from a CBS Philadephia Twitter account that posted the official court document:

We like damn Judge Genece.. "you ain't see the Meek performance on the 2018 BET Awards? " Smh...

Previously as reported in Newsweek magazine back in December of 2017 that the FBI was investigating into the Judge's partiality. According to Newsweek the Attorneys for the Philadelphia Rapper went as far as to say:

Mill's lawyer Joe Tacopina also claims Brinkley is "infatuated" with Mill. She's enamored with him," Tacopina said. "She showed up at his community service for homeless people." Tacopina also claims Brinkley once requested Mill's give her a shoutout in a song.

Here's the audio of Meek Mill's new single Stay Woke

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