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Underground Luxury Bunkers For The Super Rich

This is the day in time we are in people.. South Dakota has a city that can fit 10,000 people, each of the locations will run you 35k per unit and you have to be approved through an application process to even be able to buy. As the lady shares prices on the Boom or Bust show that formerly aired on the RT TV Chanel says that some units in Germany are selling for as high as 2-3 Million Dollars per unit.. smh..

This video is directly form the website that boasting the worlds Largest "Survivalist" Community on earth that can fit 10,000

And to top it all off.. they also offer a DNA Vault.. to stash your genetics as scientists are learning that Telemores on the tips of your DNA extends life.. its only a matter of time before you can be fully rejuvenated if you got the right amount of bread.. smh

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